Protestors in parliament calling for sacking of Unity State Governor

By William Madouk Garang

A group of youths and activists stormed the parliament yesterday calling for the sacking of Governor Joseph Nguen Monytuil saying the leader failed to act while horrific killings and displacements unfolded in the restive Unity State over the recent.

The conflict which started as SPLA-IO fighting in Mirmir reportedly took another dimension as armed youths took an advantage of the situation and attacked Leer County, killing scores of people, burning villages, looting properties, and displacing others from their homes.

The boisterous but peaceful protestors were chanting “Relieve the Governor” “perpetrators must face justice” “today is Unity, tomorrow we don’t know where it can happen” “the bloodshed in Leer is enough”

Ruth NyaleelKau, one of the demonstrators said they came to the parliament to present their statement about incessant atrocities that have taken the lives of innocent civilians and urged leaders to bring back peace.

“We are here today in Freedom Hall to give our statement that our people in Leer are dying, our people in Unity State are dying and our commissioner is not saying anything, our governor is not saying anything as well, and South Sudan, in general, is silent,” Ms. Kau said

“We need leaders who are here to bring peace not leaders who want to kill us, the bloodshed in Leer County is enough, the bloodshed in Unity State is enough. So, we are here to call on the President to relieve the governor of Unity state in his position if he really wants peace and really loves the citizen of this country,” she appealed.

Lawrence Chang said they came to inform MPs that they did not need more violence and that enough is enough. He also suggested that a fact-finding committee should be formed to investigate the root causes of the conflict.

“We want the president to intervene in every corner in this country to make sure whatever is happening in any corner of this country must be dealt with,” Chang said.

“The committee that was formed to investigate the issue of Aneet, let it also be there in Unity state,” he recommended.

He claimed that the commissioners of Leer, Koch, and Mayiandit including the governor were responsible for what is happening, saying if the commissioners were not part of the conflict, they wouldn’t be on the front line.

“One of the evidence, they are in the front line, the three commissioners, if they are not, they are supposed to be the one controlling the movement of culprit or soldiers who are causing destruction that is the most evidence,”

Anna Nyakuet said “Today we cry in grief, we cry with our heartfelt with a lot of distress. What do we do if our leaders cannot show up for us? Why does a unity state leader have to go and look at the dirt at somebody else’s eye and yet his own eye is not clean.”

She added: “…What did we do to deserve this, we call upon those that are responsible if you know that Unity state or Leer County belongs to South Sudan, do what’s needful.”

An MP representing Leer County, Bandit Dak Wie said an urgent humanitarian intervention was needed and urged the President to immediately rescue the situation in Unity State and Leer in particular.

The protestors were however interrupted and picked up by security personnel who carried them away to an unknown location.

Edmund Yakani, CEPO’s executive director added his voice to those calling for justice and accountability for heinous atrocities committed against civilians in Leer County.

MrYakani called on the government to release the detained protestors, saying they should not be detained for calling for accountability for atrocities happening in Leer.

“I strongly urged our government authorities, particularly law enforcement agency for detaining four of our citizens for calling accountability on the incident going now in Leer County,” he said.

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