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Protesters cleared off South Sudan embassy in Nairobi

South Sudan embassy in Nairobi has been cleared off of the protesters who had marooned the premises after cutting off all businesses. They were protesting against the jailing of the four Kenyans in Juba.

Government has confirmed that the families of the four Kenyans who were jailed in Juba have left the protest following consultations in the diplomatic circles between South Sudan and Kenya.

South Sudan embassy and Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reached a consensus to have the protesters leave the embassy compound which they had marooned the whole day on Tuesday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Ambassador, Mawien Makol Ariik said the protesters were told that the four Kenyans were jailed by the court of South Sudan and it was the court which could release them according to the law.

“Relatives of the four Kenyans who were jailed here are the ones who went and protested at our embassy in Nairobi but as I talk now they have been asked to leave the premises after our embassy contacted Kenyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” said Mawien.

On Tuesday the families and friends protested at the embassy of South Sudan in Nairobi demanding the release of the four Kenyans arrested and imprisoned in Juba on corruption charges.

According to other media reports, the family members who were demanding for the release said the four were wrongly jailed.

The families of the four who marched in front of the embassy also said it had been 732 days since their loved ones were arrested and demanded for their immediate release.

The four Kenyans in jail are, Anthony Mwadime, Anthony Keya, Ravi Ghaghda and Boniface Muriuki.

Last year, the High Court in Juba sentenced to life imprisonment, sixteen individuals including the four Kenyans convicted of playing a role in the loss of more than 14 million US dollars from the Office of the President.

The men were accused of charges related to forging the signature of President Salva Kiir.

They were also accused of using the signature to steal 30 million South Sudanese pounds, with the help of 14 officials from the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance.

In April this year, the Court of Appeal overruled the sentencing and ordered a retrial.

By Kidega Livingstone

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