PROTECTION, Robbers target schools

By Martha David

The Jubek State government has failed to provide security for both Primary and Secondary Schools in the State.

This created conducive environment for the robbers to break into schools on daily basis.

Speaking to the press after Supiri Secondary School was broken into by unknown robbers, Jubek State Minister of Education Wani Sule Lado admitted that the ministry was unable to provide security for the schools in the state adding there was low salary for watchmen and lack of resources for the schools to pay for the police.

“We as a ministry are not able to provide any security, except to urge people who are concerned to come in and protect the schools.”

Dr. Wani said the state police say they have no force to allocate policemen in the schools adding that the school administration was supposed to bring the police to guard the school but lack of resources for the schools makes it difficult to pay the police.

He said the watchman alone is not enough to protect the school.

This came after Supiri Secondary School was robbed yesterday night by unknown gunmen.

Ben Tombe Columbano, the head teacher of Supiri Secondary school said the school has been robbed several times and they have reported the case to the police.

He revealed that the damages can be about 300,000 to 400,000 South Sudanese Pounds.

“They removed the office door and stole a number of items in the office including A4 papers. We have not checked very well maybe there are some other things missing,” he added.

Mr. Ben said the school was having a watchman before but he died and up to now the school does not have any watchman due to the low salaries paid.

However, the police spoke person Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin has denied that the school has reported to the police so that they can send some forces to the school.

“If the minister is blaming us, let him blame, if they were to report at night we have police forces allocated on the ground,” he said.


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