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Protect your environment -Menon

The Indian ambassador to South Sudan has called for global awareness towards environmental protection to safeguard and secure the abundant natural resources for countries like South Sudan.

Srikumar Menon said the protection of the environment should be done for the prosperity of the next future generations.

Speaking at the celebration of the world environment day, Menon said there is need to raise global awareness on land and environmental protection. He said the greediness of men to acquire wealth is hampering the existence of beautiful planet.

He said in recent years the world has experienced enormous progress in modern technology that led to rapid industrialization saying this development is likely to have negative impacts on future generation due to natural resources depletion.

“Future generations would have to pay a heavy price for the abuse on natural resources that we the present generation are committing now unless we take corrective action to mitigate the practice since time is running out,” Menon said.

Ambassador Menon added that there was need to create programs for sustainable development in Africa and South Sudan in particular.

He said all governments around the world have important underlined responsibility in protecting the environment, preservation and conservation.

Menon said India has submitted an action plan to the United Nations in accordance with the provision of Paris Climate Change Agreement where it aims to reduce emissions intensity, adding that his country has planned to have 40 percent of the total installed power generation capacity from non-fossil based energy resources mainly renewable resources.

“I am happy that South Sudan is a signatory to the framework agreement of the international solar alliance which is based on the recognition of sustainable development, universal energy access and energy security,” Amb. Menon said.

“We need to underscore the inherent link between quality of life and the health of forest ecosystems and other aspects of natural resources to ensure that clean and renewable energy are made affordable to all,” he said.

By Moses Gum Degur

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