Protect us from emerged unknown disease in Bentiu

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

According to the report published yesterday in the newspaper that there is unknown disease found in Bentiu town, and unspecified number of people have died with it. These days although the cases of Coronavirus are not being noticed. This information gave us extra ordinary protection for our health.  We cannot ignore it and consider it as for that particular state. Any disease discovered in the country, is the responsibility of the Ministry of Health and World Health Organizations (WHO).

They should diagnose and tell the public what the disease is, and how to protect themselves. Based on the report of WHO representative, they are still investigating the cause of the disease. If it is found, they should inform public on what to do. I think the primary prevention should be taken immediately by the state as to protect lives, for example keeping environment clean. If we are living in dirty environment, we could invite many diseases to ourselves.

Especially waterborne diseases are common in rainy season due to poor hygiene. Most of our environments are very dirty; and people are living there and not keeping places clean. Even in Juba the capital City, environment is dirty. And any disease could get a suitable place in our Country due unclean environment. As a result, there would be numbers of diseases rising in the country.  We need to learn how to keep environment clean and protect ourselves.  Therefore, the same awareness the Ministry of Health is presenting to the public, should be carry forward to the states.  Let them notice that there is another disease apart from Coronavirus.  

This is the role of the Ministry of Health in the state to inform people about the disease, and how to protect themselves so that they shouldn’t spread it to other states through mobility.  And that order would have come from the governor if state government would have been formed. With uncertainty, there is still no government in the states and going by that everything will not be in proper because no any authority at grassroots to implement orders to the citizens.

However, having no governors in the states is the failure of the leadership in the country. Let me come back to issue of us living in unclean environment, I must said unhealthy environment allowed diseases attack us anytime anywhere. Above all is God who protects us in our situation here. As we are praying to God to prevent us from COVID-19, He would also protect us from any unknown disease coming to our country.

May God bless us all.

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