Protect female journalists in South Sudan

By: Anna Nimiriano

The Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) in collaboration with Catholic Radio Network (CRN) have organized workshop for Female Journalists Network (FJN) to enlighten them on safety and protection.

 Female journalists are facing a lot of challenges in the process of coverage. They are being threatened, harassed and intimidated, even at events organized by the government. Some of the female journalists have become vulnerable in executing their professional duties.

 How they can be protected is the responsibility of all. Any person should see female journalists like sisters, wives and mothers. They cannot be treated like enemies at in time of coverage. In most cases they feel vulnerable, especially during one on one interview; several officials demand love affairs from them.

However, authorities should make sure that protection of female journalists is very important in the country.

During the presentation, many things were said on the challenges they are facing.  Addition to that they were advised to report whatever happened to them in the field so that the issue can be addressed and taken in to consideration for further actions.

 It was discovered that there were a lot of problems facing them in the field and most of those problems were not brought to the attention of the Union of Journalists and AMDISS for actions to be taken.

Due to our cultures and norms it is difficult for them to report some information in the media for the public to know.  This has hindered the rights of female journalists in the profession. There was no lawyer to protect the case of female journalists.

Anything bad that happened to them has not been taken seriously.  That made their problems to escalate. Some of them are thinking that this profession is bad with the threats they are facing.

Thus, the challenges they are facing is a collective responsibility to all of us. We need to support them for the facts that they are doing well in radio, TV and print media.

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