The Chamber of Commerce and the South Sudan Business Community and Employers Federation must come to the event and stop confusing those who rely and need their services. The two institutions should come to roundtable and iron out their differences instead of sending salvoes from one side to the other at the expense of the general public who they are mandated to serve. It is not the legality of the chamber or the union that matters here. It is the service delivery to the public which should come first in each docket. The public cannot be left at the hand of the drum beaters and for dancing the tunes coined for their own interests. Both the institutions exist legally under the laws of this country with almost similar mandates and same aim of serving the business community. They should draw a line of responsibilities and have their work coined according to the constitution. The habit of having show-off or who is doing better than the other should not be the case. The National Chamber of Commerce and the South Sudan Business Community and Employers Federation have been known to be in the forefront of promoting and developing business ideologies for the well-being of the country but of late they seem to be diverting from their public responsibilities. One of them is accusing the other of illegally operating and collecting money from the business community under dubious and suspicious manner. The other one is stand-fold that they are the bona-fide registered body that is mandated to represent the interests of the business sector. Whichever and whoever is right in this case the business community should not be left to suffer just because there are two elephants fighting. If the two organizations have the business community at heart they should stop pointing fingers at one another and do the right thing which is to serve the general public.

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