The Ministry of Wildlife rightly pointed out the importance of protecting and keeping wildlife to attract and boost tourism industry in the country just like what was being done in the neighbouring nations. The protection of flora and fauna among others cannot be debated and indeed the ministry must come out with clear laws and penalties to be meted out against those destroying the animals and other natural resources which are of value and which can be nurtured to be a major source of revenue earning. The tourism industry has not been properly developed although it could generate revenue. Other countries in the region have been tapping in the industry and making enormous earnings with tourists visiting their game parks to see the rare species. Government departments charged with protecting the nature and its beauty should collectively work together to ensure there were effective and efficient measures that would be in place to ensure growth in the industry. Many times, orders have been given for the protection of wild animals and even rare trees in the forests but with little success if any. Still bush meat is found being sold or consumed domestically; some parts of killed animals are traded outside the country illegally and trees are felled without mercy for charcoals which are traded locally and across the border. These practices must be stopped if the tourism industry was to be made to compete with others in the region. Above all security should be put up to tackle both criminals and illegal hunters. These are steps which cannot be ignored if and when there is hope in improving the tourism sector. Indeed, they should start with domestic tourism package and eventually attract international players who are eagerly waiting to venture in the sector. Promotional programs should be put in place to sell the country’s tourists attractions in the international arena.

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