‘Prophet’ Abraham Chol landed himself in trouble

By James Atem Kuir

The Self-proclaimed Prophet Abraham Chol Maketh shook the country with his daring ‘decree’ allegedly disposing President Salva Kiir Mayardit and First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny by 9th July, 2021 asserting his self-proclaimed prophecies.

Abraham Chol, also known as King Abraham Kush, in his unprovoked edict said the 10thanniversary of South Sudan Independence would mark two significant events; one, the exit of President Kiir and his First Deputy Dr. Machar, professing another reception of new young president.

“Good news! By divine Kingship authority,I declare that the time for the current President H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny and all movements fighting for power is finished now,” read the widely shared online last week.

“This means the Independence Day celebration of this year will mark two events: farewell to H.E President Salva Kiir Mayardit and FVP Dr. Riek Machar Teny for thanksgiving their good services to nation for last 37 years struggle; reception and welcoming of the new young president for the Republic South Sudan,” further read statement time stamped to be effective from 1stMay, 2021 to 17th July, 2021.

He later on reaffirmed his statement to a fact-checking organization, 211Check, claiming the country leadership had ignored the misery of citizens who worked and waited for months to be paid less than 50 dollars.

“What I posted is neither a prophecy nor an opinion. It’s my decree; declaration as a King of Cush Kingdom. It’s what I thought, prayed and understood divinely and I declared it,” he said in a phone interview obtained by Juba Monitor on June 27.

His statementshockedmany, sending thousands of online communities into wild uproar, with some questioning how his “Devine decree” would come to pass while others were left wondering what amount of courage the proprietor of Kush International Church had to come out with such anunconceivable order exiting the most feared pair in the country.

“In as much as I don’t agree with Abraham Chol, I admire his bravery. His utterance has shaken those in power,” wrote one JuachkurTha Colonel on Facebook.

“I can’t believe him; he is a liar who claims to be a prophet. It will not happen at all,” another Facebook user AkoiWolmalietdit wrote.

His premonition also became the topic of hot debate and street talkacross Juba as days to the Independence Day neared.

This did not go down well with the government, and on the eve of the Independence Day, a purported arrest warrant against Abraham Chol, accusing him of offences under section 20/202/66/74/7 of the Penal Code Act, 2008, surfaced online, directing any police personnel on duty to apprehend the cleric.

He standscharged with offences including; insulting or inciting contempt of religious Creed, Abuse of Religious and Noble Beliefs, subverting the constitutional government, causing disaffection among police and defense forces, under the sections above.

The arrest warrant reportedly written under case number: 3536, by the Legal Administration and Public Prosecution Attorney of Central Equatoria State, directed officers to produce Abraham Chol before crime officer in charge of the Northern Division Police Station.

However, on the eve of the Independence Day, at midnight according to a statement by one of his followers, LinoMakuei Deng, the cleric was arrested by police and taken into custody in a Juba Police station.

“This is to inform the public and family of Cush International Church that yesterday the 8th of July at 12 pm, the father and Prophet Abraham CholMaketh was arrested in his residence and he’s been taken to a police station in Juba Town. He is good and waiting trial,” the statement posted on Facebook read.

A three-minute video clip recorded with a phone,showing men in police uniform and army uniforms, walked into Abraham Chol’s compound and into his room, emerged online,over the weekends.

In the video apparently shot at night, the uniformed men could be heard asking the religious leader to follow them as he inquired the menwho ordered for his arrest.

His arrest was officially confirmed to Juba Monitor on Sunday by the National Police Spokesperson, Major-General Daniel Justin, saying he was under investigations for his statements against the presidency, without disclosing the police station where he was being held.

“He is now in police custody waiting investigation regarding the statement he made against the presidency. Police arrested the King of Cush, Prophet Abraham CholMaketh the day before the celebration,” the police spokesperson said in a phone interview.

Nothing has been heard fromthe controversial priest since his arrest. Juba Monitor reporter tried visiting his church at Rock City yesterday but was refused entry by security forces deployed around the place.

In May last, the 54-year old cleric was arrested by the police for defying ban on social gathering aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in the country, after conducting a mass at his church.

He protested his arrested by reportedly undressing himself but was later sentenced to one month in jail for the offence.

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