Promotion of unity is our Duty

By Agar Mayor Gai

In the faces of the people of this country, I see the potential to keep them untied and peaceful. The problem is that no one has yet translated that potential into real practice. We abuse, kill and look down on others just because we want to please our inner feelings and egos not because we have been created as creatures of self-centrality.

But the moment we become artificial or self-centered, we create breaches between ourselves and the other people around us.

This means, disunity becomes our best friend if by any means; we consider our tribe, culture and language the best among other people’s tribe, culture and language.

This was, is and if there ceases to be change, then we will continue being confused in a way that we will abuse, kill , corrupt or loot the national funds thinking that other people will come after us to render national duties fairly and satisfactorily.

But though as the saying goes, “it is never too late”, we still have ample time to realize our duty of being promoters of unity in this land. It is true that in this land, we have different tribes, cultures and people but remember that we have a thing more important than tribes and cultures in common.

We have the same mother country of South Sudan and so we should let this land have more impact on us such that it shapes and directs us into those ways that help people achieve general interests and dreams for a better future.

Our interest and belief of one day becoming among the top peaceful and prosperous nations in this world has to start by first being united.

Unity, if ultimately achieved, knows no bounds. It can take us up to a level of success which we never dreamt about one day. It is not good that now in the minds of all, there has taken place pollution in such a way that we have developed a strange understanding of other tribe and people.

We talk things that have never existed among the other tribe and people. This is the cause of our disunity, tribalism, nepotism and corruption in our country.

We consider ourselves enemies but God, right from the start of this world, has not created enemies. He created you and I, placed us in this land that our duty is to take part in things which glorify Him. That we are to do things which, if there exists any cultural differences, can bring in to one the people of this country. Let us leave about this habit of always saying, I am the one with the top culture and background, it brings disunity and tribalism as it is now not a new hearing in this country. It is of a significant value to all the citizens of this country to realize that if united, we can do the remarkable.

We can, if united, do that which brings into attention of the world the real capabilities of the South Sudanese people. Let us all realize and make effective this duty of all of us being the promoters of unity and we will see peace, liberty from poverty, prosperity and nation building in all the sectors or elements of a good state.

This should be the duty for all and all for this duty. It does not matter when we all realize the importance of unity, but though, the earlier the better. It should be now such that we catch up with the world, such that we fit in this competitive world.

The writer believes that with unity, which is our sole duty, all is possible. So he calls on all the tribes to realize that without one another, they cannot bring any positive change to this country. He is reachable; +211925287767

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