Editorial 24th July 2018

Justice Minister of the national docket Paulino Wanawilla Unango this week came out with a clear message that all promotions within his jurisdiction will be on merit and not favoritism. The latter has been one of the most pricking thorns in the flesh. It has been used to deny deserving cases their right to their line of professional employment. Some have used it to build tribal backgrounds and back-up for their selfish gain. It is what has made others think that they own others. Yes minister Unango is right to talk about it. He is not going to be the first one as history can tell that there were others before and even currently who have been against this vice but with little success if any because of the back-ups to sympathize with their ill hidden cause of promoting tribalism at work and in public institutions. This is a worse disease that can kill millions silently by giving few privileged upper-hand over others without down-root support. For effective public service delivery, all public institutions and organizations must first start by giving crystal and clear direction which must bother on what the Justice Minister said and which must start by giving privileges and priorities to merit instead of clanism or tribalism. There must be a stop to the vice and top managers in public institutions should desist from putting their personal interest before that of the public unless, they would want to be shown the door by the appointing authority. There is urgent need with peace on the door, to change the attitude of these managers by letting known that they are not bosses of their own but servants of the tax-payers, the common citizen. This must be understood properly for any tangible development to take shape and yield the fruit of the independence struggle.


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