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Promotion based on merits -Justice Minister

Minister of Justice Paulino Wanawilla in Group photo with newly promoted staff (photo by Martha David)

By Martha David

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Paulino Wanawilla Unango yesterday said promotion of his staff was not on favour but rather based on merits.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Minister said that his institution promoted senior legal counsel to the council general and that their promotion was on qualifications and not on favouritism.

“With the promotion we intend to recruit a number of people to fill the vacancies”, added the Minister.

Wanawila said their main role is to advice the government from the top leadership to the low position on the legal laws explaining that they are the advocates of the government in the civil or criminal cases. He added that the members who have been promoted are going to be distributed to the 35 states since they have a high demand of services on the legal affairs in the country.

Meanwhile the representative of the promoted legal counsel Biong Pieng kuol, council general and the chief registrar of business registry promised on behalf of the group to deliver services in a quality and quantity form to the people in the country.

The 25 legal counsels have been promoted from the senior legal counsel to counsel general and from the first council to second council.

This is a first ever number promoted since the foundation of the Ministry of Justice in 2005 amid some circumstances in the ministry.







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