Prominent musician wins court case over land dispute

By Bida Elly David

South Sudan renowned musician Duop Pur Duop formerly this week has conquered a long presumedcourt case over a land dispute with his rival Cosmas Juma.

This came after several verdicts were made as well as exhibition of partial evidences byboth the plaintiff and the defendant.

The court after reviewing the antiquity of the plot tenure based on the documented facts as well as the bodies involvedattested Cosmas Juma the defendant guilty for inconsistency on fact presentation.

According to the final verdict  presided by judge Thomas Garang at Gudele court, Cosmas Juma the defendantafter bestowing claimed facts of his title deed was totally found guilty since there were inconsistencies of land registration dates and years.

The court under 2008 land act Article 341 forbids crimes of land ownership by illegally from real owners.

Therefore, Cosmas Juma was convicted for 6 Months imprisonment on land crime under supervision and was given 15 days to appeal and submit plot Number 40 with immediate effect to the plaintiff DuopPurDuop.

‘’Mr.Cosmas the defendant from the final ruling was found guilty for having claimed a land that never belonged to him through inconsistent production of documents with different dates. Article341 of 2008 land act convicts him for six Months in prison under supervision and given 15 days to appeal if necessary’’ Court rules.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Duop Pur Duop appreciated the Court for having ruled the case in a partial way and thanked Cosmas Juma for respecting his call before the court of law.

‘’I appreciate the court for the partial ruling of our case and keenly appreciate Cosmas Juma as well for the good heart to respond to the call’’

However, Cosmas Juma and his lawyer refuted to express their voices to the media over the results of the ruling.

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