Project to alleviate refugee’s livelihood launched

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

A project aims to alleviate refugee’s livelihood in Uganda refugee camp was launched.

The project worth 8 million Euros plus is implemented by Cities Alliance Organization.

Crudo Omaro an official of European Union Emergency Trust fund for Africa noted that the project is one of the opportunities to provide better access to urban refugees.

“This project is part of Arita programmes and composed of three components and one is indeed implemented by City Alliance and the other by Koboko Municipality,” he said.

Mr. Omaro added that the other component is through the municipality of Koboko meant to provide better access to services for refugees meanly for urban refugees.

“Although the government of Uganda has refugees in her programmes, only the registered in the settlements are considered in this project,”Mr. Omaro said.

Samuel Mabala said it will help improve service delivery where urban refugees will be considered.

He added that the government of Uganda has an open policy but when it comes to refugees in the urban areas, the government plays less concern to support the refugees yet Arua city and Koboko in West Nile are hosting a high population of refugees within the cities and they are having a serious impact with taxes service delivery.

The refugee’s desk officer in the office of the Prime Minister in the West Nile Region, Solomon Osakan said the project will have positive impacts.

“To ensure that it improves coordination, provides and livelihood support to refugees and the communities in town,” Mr. Osakan said.

Mean while, the representative of refugees in Arua city development forum Catheri Sekita welcomes the project saying it should benefit both the host community and the refugees.

“When we talk about the gap between the refugees and the host communities, the inequalities, the lack of access to employment opportunities all these where the project will be able to look at it,” he said

According to the latest report, by office of the Prime Minister, Uganda is hosting about one million four hundred sixth two refugees.

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