Professor urges Ruling Party to recover Membership from Commonwealth

By John Agok

The renowned academia Professor Taban Liyong called on the ruling party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) to reconsider the membership of common wealth countries so that people can have a proper and quality education system in the country.

Professor Liyong remarked last week on Thursday during the launching of the book titled “the book for professionals,” author by Kenyi A. Spencer the economist working for Equity Bank in South Sudan.

He revealed that this initiative will enhance the country effort to embrace quality education system to speak fluent English like the rest of the commonwealth countries.

“This concern will help the Country promote proper education the system and for the citizens to speak fluent English like other commonwealth countries. I call upon the government ruling party SPLM to reconsider the decision of joining the commonwealth countries,” he said.

Prof. Lioyong urges government secretary general AbdunAgau to be in the forefront of fighting the poor broken English in both writing and speaking in all government institutions especially by warning throwback document to undersecretaries who forwarded to him documents with English grammar errors.

“The only way the Secretary General Abdun can help is to return the documents wrongly written and full of grammatical errors to all those undersecretaries in the government institutions. I also urge the government to send their government employees for refreshments course and learn proper language in both writing and speaking,” he added.

He also appealed to the United Kingdom (UK) Embassy to commit themselves in influencing the government of South Sudan to meet their obligations and join the commonwealth membership.

“I call upon the UK embassy to embrace the fact that we need privileges from the commonwealth and we want them to recommit themselves in engaging South Sudan government to join the commonwealth membership,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Mr. Stephen Wondu the government auditor general congratulated the author of the Book for Professionals for coming up with this lucrative idea that will enhance proficiency and fluency in speaking English from native language addiction.

“There are two challenges facing the South Sudanese and that is transition from Arabic to English as the official language and lack of desire or passion to study English language,” he said.

Abdon Agaw Jok the government secretary general acknowledged the importance of opening government training college for its officials to learn language by SPLM is vital.

“I acknowledge the suggestion from Professor Lioyong to have an institution like that and train government officials to speak fluent English and write good documents,” he said.

Dr. Kenyi A. Spencer launched his book after ProfessorTabanLioyong’s launch of his book early this year.

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