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Prof. Munene’s quest to impact Hospitality and Tourism knowledge

John A. Akec and MarialAwouYol
Vice-Chancellor of Zetech University, Prof. Njenga Munene

Vice Chancellor of Zetech University, Prof. Njenga Munene recently visited the country and had fruitful academic business meetings with a number of top scholars in the country, among them Prof. John A. Akec, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Juba, and Prof. Marial AwouYol, Vice-Chancellor of Upper Nile University.  Zetech being one of the leading private

Institutions in Kenya had a chance to meet with the chairman and founder of privately-owned Stanford University, Mr. DiumCyerCyer Deng to articulate and come up with a robust plan of collaboration and cooperation in the education sector between the two countries. This was a journey well taken and will be one to be well-lived. Interestingly, among the subjects of discussion was the move to uplift and nurture the growth of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in the country through cross-exchange and build-up knowledge to the young up-coming generations. They are out to impact this knowledge to tap the elusive revenue that can be generated with well-managed sectorial structures. Indeed all will be possible with the goodwill of both sides who must play in the forefront to socio-economic development, not only for Kenya and South Sudan but for the entire region and beyond. It is a move worth the salt and worth trying because without trying, one cannot succeed. Keep trying and you will reach the desired destination. JUBA MONITOR MANAGING EDITOR,

Odongo Odoyo (Yaba) who had been following Prof. Munene’s program caught up with him on the last day before boarding his plane back home and had a one-on-one chat:

Question:Is this your first time to be here in South Sudan?

Answer:Yes, this is my first time to be here

Q: What is your real mission professor?

A: My mission to Juba was to introduce the Zetech University of Kenya to the people of South Sudan so that we can work together in creating knowledge which is important in developing resources and the services of the country.

Q:When you were coming here, did you have background knowledge or history of the country?

A: Of course, I had and have a history of South Sudan for a long time from the time they started fighting with Sudan for liberation and independence and currently, we are all aware of the peace process in the country.

Q:Being a private institution, do you get support from the government of Kenya, if so, what do you expect toget from the government of South Sudan?

A: One of the things is support for education which is for the public good and can be offered in both private and public institutions. Education is for the good and the benefit of the public. An educated person knows no boundary of serving people with humanity without selection of where they come from.

Q:Your first step on arrival was focused on hospitality and tourism? Why did you choose these two?

A: We chose to concentrate on these because there is a dire need in this country to improve and develop the sector. I can tell you that the attention of this country is geared towards a well-managed sector with qualified personnel. When we talked with the like minds, it was found out that this area was wanting and needed serious attention and collaboration between the universities to bring out knowledgeable and qualified managers who could stand and take charge of the sector. The University of Juba showed a willingness to enter into an agreement to establish a joint School of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Q  Have you signed the MoU with the University of Juba to this effect?

A: No, we have not signed.  Zetech University delegation has not signed with the University of Juba but we are on the process of negotiation to come up with the one which could be worked on with possible amendments in areas of collaboration before being signed as a working document.

The first day I came to Juba I met the founders of Stanford University, University of Juba and Upper Nile University, the meeting was successful. We discussed mainly the areas of possible collaboration between our institutions. Also, we reviewed selected areas of interest for our cooperation.

Q: Have you had students from South Sudan registered in Zetech.

  1. Yes we have had a number and the door is always open for more. We would encourage them to come or register to pursue other disciplines in their career search

Q: Can you tell us about Zetech University?

A:  Zetech University is a private institution located in Kenya. It was founded by Engineer Ken Mbiuki in 1999 and is registered by the Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology. In the inception years, Zetech collaborated with Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology to offer various but after receiving a Letter of Interim Authority to operate as a university in 2014, Zetech started to offer its own programs. The University is approved by the Commission for Higher Education

The University comprises the School of Business and Economics, Faculty of ICT and Engineering, Department of Hospitality, Tourism, Education and Social Arts and the Department of Media Arts and Design.

The current chancellor is Professor Susan Alfano, and the Vice-Chancellor is Prof Njenga Munene.

Although Zetech University was officially founded in 1999, Ken Mbiuki had been offering basic IT training in his dorm room since 1997, where he operated under the name Zenith Technologies while pursuing his undergraduate studies at the University of Nairobi. At the time, computer technology was fairly new in Kenya.

In 1999 Ken Mbiuki leased office space in Summit House and registered an academic institution under the name Zetech College a fusion of the words Zenith and Technology. The college initially offered purely I.T.-based courses and has slowly grown over the years. It is now accredited as Zetech University by the Commission for University Education.

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