Prof Matoc advises students to shun tribalism

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Prof. Dr. Abraham Matoc Dhal, the Vice Chancellor of Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology have advised the Universities’ students across the Country to relinquish from tribalism and work for the communities’ welfare. He revealed that campaigning for communities was another serious setback that would endanger the lives of the upcoming generations in South Sudan if it wasn’t addressed early.  Speaking during the Inauguration ceremony of students’ Union at Dr. John Garang University in Bor on Friday, Prof. Dhal called on the students to avoid associating themselves with communities of origin since they were next leaders.

“The University’s students and particularly the students at Dr. John Garang University must be non-tribal. You should relinquish from tribalism, indiscipline, greediness and all the ills that are affecting South Sudan,” the Vice Chancellor explained.

According to Prof. Dhal, the University’s students were not supposed to view themselves in the context of the communities.

“We look at you as messengers, who can spread the word of peace, reconciliation and unity as one people of South Sudan. When you are in the University, then you are to solve problems not to create problems,” he stated.

He advised the academicians to be part of the problem solving instead of causing unnecessary destruction to the civil population.

“You need to maintain friendly relationship and understanding where necessary in order to promote national coexistence and unity of our people,” Prof figured out.

The University’s head recommended the scholars to fight off tribalism, tribalism, nepotism, racism, sectarianism and all the ills among the people.

Bor town Mayor Dr. Mach Martin Majier Gai said that though citizens were being educated, tribalism was still well alive and strong among the people of South Sudan since people easily adhere to.

“Selfishness, illiteracy, greediness and tribalism have taken over South Sudan. We the leaders are greedy but it will be upon young generation to fix our problems,” he said.

“So we are calling upon the next generation to fix these messes. We will assist you in laying the foundation but the work should be done by you.  This is why the University is very important. It is where the leaders are built,” Dr. Gai added.

Dr. Gai advised the students not to instill knowledge from the universities for no reasons but rather apply it for nation building.

Dr. Nartisio Odongi, Dean of Students Affairs warned the current generation against fixing themselves into the shoes of the communities.

“Yes, we have regions but you must bring unity among people. We need not to consider regionalism in all what we do. If we adhere to all those then we will not prosper,” he said.

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