Prof. Lo-Liyong to sue University of Juba

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

Prof. Taban Lo Liyong says he will sue the University of Juba if the University failed to produce him before a court.

Prof. Taban was suspended on Tuesday without pay over an open letter he wrote to President Donald Trump special delegation Tibor P. Nagy.

According to the suspension letter, the University claimed his letter was inciting ethnic hatred and putting the University in a disruption.

The letter said a committee would be formed by the University to investigate Prof. Taban.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, Prof. Taban said the letter he wrote has nothing to do with the University. 

“If I am not tried quickly, I am going to take them to court because they have starved me of getting my salary, and they are not taking me to court so that my case is heard, so I can defend myself.  Then it will look as if they are saying I am guilty,” said Taban.

“I have done nothing against the University and they now lay charges against me on things that do not concern the University at all,” Taban added.

Taban said he was arranging and packing his belongings as he awaits trial adding that he has been stopped from performing his responsibilities at the University.

The suspension drew a lot of criticism both online and offline with some critics saying the suspension was a slap on freedom of speech.

One opinion writer on the Dawn Newspaper called the suspension a “debacle.”

Prof. Taban said he failed to understand why he was suspended because he is not tribal as alleged by the Vice Chancellor.

His suspension comes at a time when he was supposed to be marking examination but he said all has been put on hold.

He revealed that they have not received their salaries for the last six months.

“The last we got our salary, I don’t know when it was in July or August and we have not received anything,” he said.

Suspension of senior lecturers at the University of Juba is very common. Prof. Taban was not the first to be suspended.

Last year the Vice Chancellor also suspended Prof. Augustine Ting Mayai of the school of public service allegedly over an opinion he posted on his Facebook page.  

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