Prof. Liyong encourages Journalists to be professionals

By John Agok

Prof. Taban Loliyong has encouraged journalists to enthusiastically beef up their professions to ensure that they write lengthy stories that carry correct language.

The writer made the remarks to the journalists during the South Sudan press Club meeting in Juba on Sunday.

Speaking to journalists, Prof. Liyong the guest speaker at the event advised the journalists to further their studies for them to research extensively on articles before publishing them in the Newspapers or any other communication medium.

“When I buy a Newspaper worth 150 SSP sometimes, what I find inside is shallow but full of adverts and copy news articles written by other journalists. I expected journalists to research stories and write in-depth articles with good vocabulary and standard language,” he said.

Liyong said “Journalists are meant to collect data and inform both government and the public for the interest to act on informed decision, and if journalists are arrested for doing what is in their portfolio then definitely, they are not guilty at all,” he added.

Chuol Jany working for the Radio Community urged his fellow journalists to report professionally, with sense of nationalism in their minds rather than reporting negatively about the country’s affairs.

“There is too much negative reporting about country affairs and this is sometimes seem like our donors are the ones influencing our reporting since, they are paying salaries to some media institutional staff,” he said.

Sheila Ponnie urged Press Club members to carry on with the idea without letting it die from segregation and unwillingness.

“I urge you to keep up the running of this club without sense of segregation and reluctantly attend the meetings, we need to have a spirit of continuing this platform,” she said.

South Sudan Press Club will be the first platform of its kind to bring journalists together to interact and network among themselves in sharing skills and other advancements in technology in the media industry, since this platform also exists in other neighboring countries in the region. South Sudan Press club also have joined AMDISS and UJOSS among other media association playing advocacy and protection roles on behalf of journalists in the country.

Over 30 journalists convened the first South Sudan Press club meeting on Sunday in Juba under the theme: Meet, interact together and Network.

The South Sudan Press Club was an initiative from few journalists that was welcomed by many Journalists as reporters, Photo Journalists, News Anchors, Sport Journalists, editors and bloggers who equally turned up for memberships in the platform.

The platform is to offer journalists benefits, expand contacts and insider knowledge of the local scene, promote the advancement of ethical journalism, foster fellowship among journalists and those that they cover, and meet, interact, debate issues, network in fun in friendly settings.

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