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Production of electricity poles launched


Minister of Electricity and Dams, Dr. Dhieu Mathok,(photo by Mandela Nelson Denis):

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Production of concrete electricity poles for distribution of power has been launched in Juba yesterday.

The ceremony at the electricity distribution station in Jebel area along Yei Road was launched by the Vice President, Dr. James Wani Igga.

Thousands of concrete electricity poles have already been produced at the site to replace the old wooden poles.

The Vice President, Dr. James Wani Igga said that the production and subsequent distribution of power will trigger the country for development.

He explained that economic development goes hand in hand with peace.

The Vice President urged that the production process be well managed, stating that the biggest challenge to the country was management.

“In South Sudan our poorest thing is how to manage units, but I hope a system is not in place and it is good that most Members of Parliament are here,” Dr. Igga said.

According to the Minister of Electricity and Dams Dr. Dhieu Mathok, the main aim of the project was to increase the capacity of supply and reliability of power in the country’s capital Juba.

Dr. Dhieu also said that the production will reduce the risks of importation of poles from other countries.

The project is also expected to produce poles for other states in the country.

Liu Xiao Dong, the in charge of the Embassy of China in Juba revealed that the project is being funded by the Bank of Africa and that it started in 2010.

Adak Costa, Deputy Chairperson for South Sudan Electricity Co-operation, appreciated the Ministry of Elecrity and Dams and Power China for their efforts in moving towards supply of reliable electricity in Juba.

“With the efforts of the ministry and power, the journey to having reliable power has started,” Adak said.

South Sudan relies on generators for electricity production, since the government power supply station has not been working for years now.


Concrete electricity poles produced for distribution of electricity (photo by Mandela Nelson Denis)



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