Problem of unemployment may increase if the conflict continues

By Omuno Mogga Otto

Since the conflict erupted in the country more than three years ago, some humanitarian organizations have so far shut down many projects.

The businesses in the private sector are also declining. All of these will lead to unemployment. From 2013 up to today, several foreign investments are inactive, frozen or closed down. They are not operating like before because the political environment is not favorable for their business and investment to flourish.

Another problem is the devaluation of the local currency.  The political instability and the growing economic inflation will not attract foreign investment. It would instead force a closure of more investments in the country.

Investment needs good security.  War, corruption, nepotism, tribalism and greed are the basic contributing factors of unemployment in the nation. It seems the higher number of job seekers in the country is the youth.

The youth, adults, children and women are the most people affected by the current political conflict. The crisis in the country is blocking a high ambition among the youth. It is also blocking useful talents of the youth.

It is known that the government alone cannot employ all the people who are eager seeking for jobs in the government sector. But the government has a bigger role to create conducive political environment so as to attract many foreign investors to give more opportunity for employment.

When the country is in peace, many people can easily get job. When there is peace and political stability, there will be more employment opportunities for the young and middle age people.

The crisis of unemployment especially among the youth may go high in the next two or three years ahead if the conflict in the country does not come to an end anytime soon!

Every year there are a lot of people graduating from colleges and universities, but there is less opportunity for all of them to get job. The reason is the conflict.

Every day many young men and women come to the ministries complex near Custom market. They go there seeking for job opportunities in the sign board in the ministry complex.

Most of the job advertisements on the signboards in the ministries complex and the ones near Seven Days Adventist Church wall along Custom-Gudele road are from national and international NGO’s and some of the UN agencies including other private sector.

It is easy for the youth to apply for a job in the NGO’s and UN agencies, but it is not easy for them to get employment with NGO’s and other UN agencies. Part of the reason is the issue of experience and the other reason is it difficult to know.

Even with experience many applicants are still getting difficulties to get jobs with NGO’s.  The number of people who are looking for job in the country is increasing every day and every year, and it may continue to increase further if the political situation remains without a change.

The civil societies and the rest should exert effort that will positively contribute to lasting peace in the country.


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