Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

The Ethiopian plane crash which killed all 157 people on board is a painful tragedy to every one in the region, continent and the world. The plane crash should be fully investigated and its finding made public. It is too early to point a finger on what might have been the cause of the accident, but, something must have gone wrong somewhere to cause this unfortunate crash. Innocent passengers and crew who hoped to finish their journey and be joined by their families are no more. Major known aviation investigators have indicated willingness to go down to the root cause of the accident. Many hopeful lives have been cut short and the expectation of their families sealed. Some of them were the bread-winners while others were on development mission of their institutions. It is so sad that one family lost five members while a young girl expecting to be re-united with her mother who had been away for a year travelled more than 500 kilometres with her father to meet the mother who was never to be. It is indeed sad but in all situations God knows what is better for us. From Juba Monitor family and the entire people of South Sudan we join those who lost members of their families, friends and relatives at this time of mourning and ask the almighty to keep them strong in facing the future. It is sad they will not meet alive, but somewhere, fond memories would keep them going. The Ethiopian government and the airline management should work round the clock to ensure that families of departed souls are consoled and taken care of appropriately. This should also go to countries whose nationals perished in the crash. It is unfortunate that some people are making false post of the accident. They should not joke with such issues when others are mourning their loved ones.

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