PRIVATE-School fees restricted to 80,000 SSP

By James Atem Kuir

The Ministry of General Education and Instruction (MoGE&I) has ordered all private schools to chargefees not exceeding 80,000 SSP and 200,000 SSP for day and boarding facilitiesrespectively.

The order comes as parents across the country are up in arms against private schoolsover higher school feesas schools resume learning after one year closure due to COVID-19.

It followed another order the ministry issued last week,prohibitingthe privately owned primary and secondary schools from continuing with admissionas reports of schools charging annul fees of about 1350 US dollars.

Addressing press conference at the ministry’s premises, Martin TakoMoyi the Deputy Minister of General Education and Instruction said the ministry decided toimposethe charges after engagement with school proprietors and Parents-Teachers’ Associations.

“After deliberation with officials of these schools and considering the contemporary economic situation in the country and given the provision of articles 8(1) g and 21 B (IV) of the General Education Act, 2012 the ministry orders that:

“All private schools should charge school fees in South Sudanese Pound (SSP) only; private schools to charge annual fees not exceeding 80,000 SSP inclusive of all scholastic requirements; private boarding schools to charge annual fees not exceeding 200,000 SSP; the school fees to be paid in three instalments within 2020/2021 academic year,” Deputy  Minister Moyisaid.

Mr. Moyisaid other fees such as forextra-curricular activities like sports, will be decided by the school proprietors and parents/guardians of learners.

He equally ordered all unregistered private and faith-based schools to seek registration with the ministry and form Parents-Teachers’ Associations (PTAs) to report to education authorities or face closure.

The senior education official directed all state ministers of education to implementthe order immediately and threatened that: “Action will be taken against any private and Faith-based school(s) found to be in contravention of this ministerial order.”

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