Prioritize pressing issues first

Economics is a very important subject in real life. It is practical. In Economics, there is what we call opportunity cost. When a person is entangled in a situation where he is seriously ill but he does not want anyone to tamper with his bank account, that person may likely die. The cause of the death will not be the illness. This is particularly if it is a treatable disease. Say it is not hepatitis B, heart attack, diabetes or HIV/AIDS. For HIV, the client is obliged to treat himself or herself daily. If he has started taking antiretroviral drugs in the morning at 9:00am, it should continue like for the rest of his or her life. The client is not supposed to deviate from the routine treatment whatsoever.

In life, when one is at crossroads, one should first look at the most pressing needs or wants. After resolving the burning issue at hand, then one can go ahead resolving the other equally pressing issues but can be put on halt for some time.

An elder in my village one time advised us that when one is suffering from diarrhea, one should rush to the latrine when one experiences a pain at the lower abdomen. If one waits for some time, one would likely defecate on one’s body. That will be a real problem. Two things would need to be addressed. One would need to take a bath or clean oneself thoroughly. Probably, one would be disappointed if one’s peer group and other brothers and sisters see or hear about it later.

Last Friday, the Council of Ministers approved an amount of USD 899,296 United States dollars for the construction of road projects between South Sudan and Ethiopia.

The two major roads are the Gambella-Pagak-Mathiang-Paloch road and Dima-Raat-Boma-Pibor-Bor road.

Civil society organizations like Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) and Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance (FODAG) have welcomed the road projects but said peace and stability could be the first priority at the moment in the country.

According to the Executive Director of FODAG at the moment our government should prioritize the available resources on creating peace and stability throughout the country.

“I believe we should think of how to use that amount of money to help the displaced people, we should think of how to resolve to the issue of famine and we need part of that money to be injected on the National Dialogue,” he said.

Roads are very important drivers of economic growth. This is because they facilitate export and import trade in any country.

Roads also connect farmers to the market. People who stay in urban centres would have access to agricultural products. This would reduce on high prices and therefore improve on the cost and standard of living of the citizens.

They create employment opportunities as people sell goods along the roadsides. This will reduce on highway robbery which has become a menace to our poor people in the country.

However, the current level of insecurity in the country may not even warrant effective use of the roads that our government needs to construct.

Peace and tranquility should be the main priority and focus of the government at the moment so that roads will be meaningfully utilized for the benefit of all citizens.

By Sworo Charles


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