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Prime Suspect arrested over the killing of a businessman in Aweil

By Ayuel Chan

Police in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State confirmed the arrest of a prime suspect in the killing of a 32-year old Businessman in Aweil.

On 28th December, a 32-year old Businessman Geng Maduok Dutin Mathiang residential area in Aweil was gunned down, however, the prime suspect has been arrested and police are still searching for others involved.

The state police spokesperson Captain Guot Guot Akol confirmed the arrest, adding that they have been all along monitoring the suspects’ whereabouts till they got them.

“We have all along been monitoring the suspects’ whereabouts until we located them yesterday (Thursday 13th January) and we sent a team to Arroyo and we arrested two of them,” Akol said

He however, revealed that one suspect escaped in the process of arresting two more other suspects involved in the case.

“During investigation, we found they are a network of four who have been using one gun to loot people at night and the gun was used in the killing of the late, so when we tried to lay an ambush to arrest the other two to bring them to book, unfortunately one escaped,” he narrated.

Akol said a murder case was opened against the suspects in accordance to section 206 of South Sudan Penal Code 2008

“It was an intentional killing because the late was shot with three bullets consecutively, so a case was openedthe same day the incident happened and the police have been pursuing them for 17 days until we arrested them yesterday,” he added.

He stated that the police will continue to hunt for the other three suspects who are at large, it’s just a matter of time and the rest will be brought to book.

The police said   the motive behind the killing of late Businessman GengMaduokDutwas to loot.

“Dut was killed around 4 am when he tried to resist the suspects looting his place and because the late was too strong, they ended up shooting him”.

Akol further revealed the incident was the only killing case recorded in Aweil during the festive season. “It’s the first of its kind in the State for such incident to happen and it takes us more than two weeks to arrest a suspect.

It remains unclear when the suspect will be arranged in Court but according to South Sudan law, a suspect must be made to appear before court within 24 hours from the time of arrest. Captain Guot however, said “the police and the CID need more time to properly investigate and find more information but it depends now on the attorney general to decide, if he decides to send the casefilewith one convict to court then the other suspects can be convicted at large.

When convicted, the suspect according to section 206 and 207 of the South Sudan Penal Code Act 2008 states that convict (s) of intentional murder should be sentenced to death or life imprisonment.

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