Primary eight exams concluded in Yei with challenges

Pupils in one of the classroom in Jigomoni Primary school Yei

By Yiep Joseph

The Primary Leaving Examinations successfully concluded in Yei-River County amidst various Logistical and security challenges in the area.

Over one thousand pupils in Yei River county in seven centers concluded Primary Leaving Examinations on Friday.

While addressing the media yesterday in Jigomoni Primary School (the main examination center in the county), Sebit Postine Alfred, Deputy County Education Director Yei River county said that pupils concluded their examinations amidst various challenges.

“In Yei today (Friday) we are concluding the primary examinations and the exam is going well except that in the beginning we have a challenge of a paper of CRE, about eight schools did not receive their papers on the expected day but at the end we managed to coordinate with main office in the national level and they were able to deliver to us” Sebit said.

He stated that out of seven examination centers in the county only one is sitting in the county due to several reasons.

“In Yei we have about seven Examination Centers, six centers within the town and one center which is out in Mugwo payam in which we have atotal of about 966 learners in which we have 30 who are sitting outside but the rest are sitting within the county” he said.

He said that the county did not receive any challenge in regard to printing

“this time we have not realized any challenge in relation to printing or writing of those papers” he said.

He appreciated the management of National Ministry of Education for their effort in making sure exams proceed well in the county.

He added that students face many challenges while doing their exams.

John Sebit from the National Examination council South Sudan said that the exams went well and he appreciated the county education sector and security for their tireless efforts

He also reaffirmed the need to distribute first aid kits to schools and examination centers to help students with minor sickness  

Sebit expressed that the county also faced lack of support to the teachers in the area

Bouni Juilus Mila the chief invigilator in Jigomoni Center said that the exam went well without mal-practices.

“Generally the examination went on well it started on the right time and the children are disciple they are following the rule and regulations that governor the examinations and the school environment is also conducive for examinations” Julius said.

“General there are some few challenges that we registered and may be due to examination fever, some of the learners actually during the process of answering their questions they developed some miner sickness like headache and stomach problem and other things” he expressed.

He appealed to the Ministry to provide first Aids kits to schools during examinations

“My appealed to the Ministry of Education is that whenever children are sitting examinations in the centre like this center there should be some first Aids kits to be given to the examination centers because we have realized when this children develop some sicknesses it be difficult for supervisors to help them it is my appealed to Ministry of General Education” he expressed.

Deni Kwaje Micheal a primary eight pupil said that the exams went well without cases of cheating.

“The exams was fine, it went well and today is last paper and we are very happy, we thank God that nothing happened wrong to us” Kwaje said.

He appreciated the Minister of Education and cautioned on the Ministry to put more efforts in Primary Education.

Martine Sunday said that the Examinations went well and very happy

JACKY Abinye a student from Light Academy primary school revealed that when exams where near there were fear that the examination would not finish due fear that the may not reach the county as expected.

“When we started the examinations we thought they we were not going to happen but now we are done thanks to God”Abinye said.

She appreciated the school administrators for good coordination  

“This exam we are going to perform it well more than the rest of examinations” she added. 

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