Primary eight candidates to sit for mock exams

By Hassan Aru

Primary eight candidates in Yei River County are due to sit for mock exams which are expected to commence next week on Monday.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in Yei, Christ the King Primary School teacher, Samuel Maude said the mock is to prepare the learners for PLE, final examinations.

He regrets that the coronavirus pandemic has affected the education system and delayed exams.

The teacher said school fee charges have been increased which may pose a challenge to many parents not to register their children in school.

“The mock is fine because it prepares the candidates for their final examination, even if it is late; it is because of the coronavirus pandemic that delayed everything. In everything there are challenges that encounter people but we are able to overcome some of the challenges,” the Teacher added.

Nunas Ajonye, a candidate said they are well prepared to sit for the exams.

She mentioned that they are working hard by revising their books expressing that they have formed group discussions to pass the mock.

“We are working very hard by revising our books; we formed discussions with some of the learners. I am revising very hard day and night and it gives the courage of passing the exams. We are praying hard that God also opens the way for us to pass the exams,” Ajonye said.

Another candidate Betty Juan said she is also well prepared to face the exams. She cited that their teachers have covered all the necessary topics that will enable them pass the exams.

 “I am well prepared and I am happy with our teachers because they completed all the necessary topics that will enable us pass. I have proved beyond doubt that I will pass the examination and I want to be in first grade,” Candidate Juan expressed.

Juan appealed to their teachers to continue guiding them on how to pass exams.

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