Priest urges refugees to value hard work

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry 

A Catholic Priest urged South Sudanese students in Arua Uganda to value the culture of hard work if they want to succeed.

Savrio Sunday, a South Sudanese Catholic Priest living in Arua Uganda made the remarks on Sunday at St. Charles OLI Parish Arua.

 “So I am here, urging all South Sudanese students studying in Uganda to focus on what can give you knowledge and skills you needed. But this does not come easy, you should work hard in order to achieve what you need in life,” Priest Sunday emphasized.

He encouraged the students to participate in leadership forums adding such programs would enable them to be responsible leaders.

The Priest also warned students not to spend most of their time in leisure activities and drinking which will could ruin their future.

“Your parents are suffering back in the country to raise something little to support you here in Uganda so you should not disappoint them,” he advised.

He added that, many South Sudanese young people dropped out of school and went back to their country due to hardship of life in the camp.

 “It looks sad to see you young people going back to your country when most of you have not completed your studies,” Priest Laburia expressed sadly.

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