A foot for thought

Prices of items should be reduced

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

According to the report published yesterday in the newspaper, the joint team from Central Equatoria Chamber of Commerce and South Sudan Business Union were tasked to monitor market prices around Juba City and to ensure that prices of goods and basic items were reduced. Whatever mechanism they put for monitoring the market is not yet clear.  The prices of some items these days are still high compared to the salaries of civil servants.

For example, the price of a bag of white sugar was SSP 24,000, it reduced to SSP 18,000; a bag of maize flour was 17,000 now it reduced to SSP12, 000. All the above mentioned prices were still high compared to the salaries of civil servants which they are not getting regularly. 

Instead the joint team should think of how to improve the market by purchasing items from the neighboring countries and selling to the citizens with reasonable prices. In the process of doing that, prices of items would drop from the markets. Controlling prices in the market is by bringing more items and sell at low prices.

However, they would control the markets but traders couldn’t meet the demands of the consumers within a certain period of time. All of us know that the prices of items went up because the rate of dollars was increasing abnormally on daily bases.

The economic crisis started some years ago while government and business Union were on power to rescue the situation. What I know is that it would take time for economic crisis to improve in the country while the dollar rates come down. Currently, the rates of dollars are still ranging between 40-50; it would not help much for the prices to drop in the market as expected.

The other alternative is to have our own products which should be produce by us. The Ministry of Agriculture should encourage farmers to cultivate and produce food in the country. For this system to work well, we need to have total peace in the country where people cultivate and harvest without being killed and robbed. Addition to that, civil servants should get salaries in time so that they purchase basic needs.

For us to improve prices of items in the markets, need a lot of efforts to be exerted. It is not a plan of one or few months but needs to curry effective research in the markets within Juba and in the states. 

May God bless us all.

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