Prices of goods up in Nimule

By Jurugo Emmanuel Ogasto

Prices of consumable goods in Nimule town of Eastern Equatoria State has shot high, a businessman at Motoyo market in Nimule said yesterday.

He said South Sudan could run out of essential items if Ugandan and Kenyan trucks drivers don’t call off the protest over security safety concerns along the major highways in the country.

Hundreds of trucks that were supposed to deliver essential commodities to Juba have been parked at the Elegu border on the Ugandan side as drivers await assurances from the Ugandan government.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on phone, Peter Aring Godolinya said the average prices of goods in Motoyo market have doubled since last week.

Peter noted that if the government does not address the issue, citizens will continue suffering.

“We have seen them protesting at the Border here in Check point, we cannot blame them because they also fear death,” Peter said.

“Just within two days prices have gone high, what about one week,” peter asked.

He urged the government to provide security for the foreign drivers.

“Am appealing to the government to provide enough security for the drivers, even me I cannot work in a place where my life is insecured, ’’ Peter added.

Peter also appealed to the business communities across the country not to take the protests of the drivers as an opportunity to cheat citizens.

‘’Am aware some traders in Nimule have taken this incident for them to benefit but God is watching us, let’s be merciful to our fellow citizens,” Peter appealed.

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