Prices of building materials shoot up

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The cost of building Materials has shot high, hindering people from completing their buildings or building homes.

Many building materials such as iron sheets, nails, cement, timber, paint and many others are imported into the country.

The importation of the building materials that are not manufactured in South Sudan requires foreign exchange and with the current increase in the purchasing power of United States Dollar against South Sudanese pounds, the material’s prices have also increased.

Juba Market survey across the ware houses in Juba indicated that most of the imported Building material’s prices have shot high.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, the site builder Odong Mosses said that the iron sheets three gauge that costed 2500ssp is now at 3500ssp, a kilo of Nails has shot high from 300ssp to 700ssp, a bag of cement also increased from 3500ssp to 4500ssp.

“The cost of building materials have gone high, the concrete bricks that we used to buy at 160ssp now ranges between 180ssp-200ssp, a small lorry of sand is at fifty five South Sudanese pounds”, said Odong

Meanwhile a ware house owner in Munuki Abdullah Abdu revealed that since things are getting expensive, few people are building and hence affecting the ware house business.

However, the rate of the construction in the Juba city and its out skirts has drastically reduced because of the increase in the cost of building materials.

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