This could be the only priced word of the week from President Kiir that cases of all political detainees will be reviewed with an aim to release them from prisons or confinements. It is a marking mark because there are people inside the Prisons who should be out to be in the forefront spearheading or chatting the cause of National Dialogue within their own ability. The man tasked by the President is the head of all Prosecutions in the country. This man is supposed to revisit each case where possible on its own merit and make a decision expected of him. There are others who are languishing inside the walls of Prisons without trial and those with cases which are not harmful to the society. One such person is George Livio, journalist on whose behalf we are asking the learned attorney to bring forth his file, if any, and release him in the spirit of National Dialogue and National Unity. There are others who should be let off the hook if the new spirit is anything to go with. We do not want to dwell on the condition of our prisons and how they should be managed, but we are saying that a correction institution should remain one not like our local institutions. Detention by other security organs without trial or being brought before a competent court of law is in itself illegal. One is not guilty until proven otherwise. With this new sunshine and ray of hope in the name of National dialogue, we have to come together as a country and move forward. This is the more reason we should applaud President Kiir for his timely “amnesty” to political prisoners. Experts take is that a country can only prosper if there are good laws.

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