Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

I was being reminded by my last born, Outa Kevin of the seriousness the authorities had put in force to curb down the spread of Coronavirus pandemic in Nairobi. The mobile courts had been let loose and anyone found even by the roadside without preventive measures were instantly arrested and taken to these court fully equipped with all necessities and a judge to pass sentences to the offenders. He told me that they were operating under tight laws and it was like the hide and seek game to those who did not have the facemasks and who were not following the World Health Organization (WHO) and the health authorities requirements. That one is in Nairobi and the fear has gripped the city to with everyone on the safety lookout arising from the deadly virus which is purported to have finished hundreds of people in India. That virus has been detected or confirmed in the neighbouring Kenya and Uganda it may not be impossible to cross the border and what is really needed is the safety measures. I need to drum here that there is a bit of laxity among the residents of Juba. Some people have openly claimed that with the weather and climate condition, there is no coronavirus. Some people have relaxed their guards and are carelessly socializing, not keeping social distance, not avoiding crowded areas, not putting facemask and not washing their hands or sanitizing. I have been running this column for the last five years non-stop and on daily basis except when l am not here that someone stands in for me. I have taken to tell the public what they ought to know with firm truth and honesty. This is why l am still preaching and spreading the gospel that whatever it takes we must all be careful and protect ourselves against the coronavirus. It does not matter whether it is from where or where but the truth is that all begins with you and you must protect yourself and the loved one at all the time. It is your health which is at stake here, If only one watches how human beings are being burned in public in India then one would understand what l am talking about. It has become hell on earth and no safe hiding place for one except by yourself. These other social activities are always there and for sure coronavirus will not be there forever although we do not know when and how. All the activities you are required to   avoid now by following preventive measures will be there when coronavirus is no more but for now do not take the risk. It is not worth it as you being alive is so precious at all the time. Stand up and preach this gospel. That COVID-19 is very dangerous and is killing andthat the only thing to do was to take preventive measures for our own safety.

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