Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

This time around there should be well coordinated screening and vetting of all passengers both local and international arrival. There are reports that some passengers duck or hide away from the screening area to avoid being checked by the health and relevant airport authorities. There should be no hide and seek game in the fight against Coronavirus. This thing is real and is killing people. It should not be taken for granted. There is no need for relatives to wait for their loved one and sneak into the country without being checked, more so when they have travelled from or though countries with positively tested cases. Ironically, there must be hawk-eyed and slither  watch all the time to beat the new trick which is being developed ignorantly for the so called love of kith and kin without considering the total danger to the families and the general population. Time and again ignorance and l don’t care free attitude has been the cause of miseries in many situations. For Coronavirus or COVID 19, there should be any pose for any excuse(s) to feel what other parts of the world are feeling. Reports around the world indicate clearly how the virus is eliminating its victims in a quick span of time. It is believed that somewhere in Italy, mortuaries were full to capacities and coffin makers were running short of their trade products. This cannot be a case of joy because human being’s lives are at stake here and life is not to be gambled with at any costs. Nobody will come and make your life better than yourself. Precaution and preventive measures where matters of life are concerned must be in top priority list of everyone. For people to understand the meaning of life, first, they have to be healthy and sickness free. These can only be made possible when one is taking care of him/herself. There are no two ways to this and how one takes care also depends on one’s understanding and ability to see things differently, like making good judgments that Coronavirus is real and dangerous to human beings. They have to make judgment that the virus can be contained by being self-disciplined and adhering to the medics’ advices. This does not need one to be of higher educational level but only being in a position to differentiate the good from bad. This is why those encouraging their relatives to avoid being screened or vetted according to the health official requirements are doing a disservice to this country because the danger they are exposing their families to, is not only for them but can affect the whole nation. Let the ignorance and arrogance not be part of the fight against this dangerous disease which is shaking the whole world. Prevention is better than cure. Let us be our own medics but seek medical attention for qualified personnel when it comes to combating and fighting Coronavirus.

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