Press Statement from German Foreign Office on formation of unity gov’t

“The formation of a transitional government in South Sudan on 22 February 2020 is an important step towards the implementation of the 2018 peace agreement. We encourage the parties to breathe life into the substance of the agreement in a spirit of cooperation, inclusivity and compromise. We, like the people of South Sudan, are aware that there are still many challenges to be overcome on the way to a sustainable peace. These include, in particular, the reformation of the security sector with the involvement of all parties, but also the establishment of the rule of law, transparent governance and a judicial system which the people can trust. The formation of a transitional government now provides an opportunity to push forward on these and other important tasks.

Women play a significant role in peace processes, and Germany proactively advocates, not least in the UN Security Council, for their involvement in such processes. The Federal Government therefore welcomes the fact that the South Sudanese peace agreement calls for at least 35 percent women’s representation across public offices, and urges the political actors to consistently implement this goal.

The people of South Sudan deserve peace, stability and progress on human rights observance. The Federal Government will continue to support the people of South Sudan and to that end will enter into dialogue with the new transitional government.”

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