Presidential Guards, Nilepet, Makiir Gai Clean Juba Airport

By Ochan David and Sasuk Taban

About 2,000 members of the Presidential unit, Tiger Division, NilePet officials and a business tycoon, Makiir Gai conducted a clean-up service at Juba International Airport on Monday.

The clean-up service was done to ensure maximum security as tall grasses and trees were obstructing the visibility of the airport.

The cleaning exercise started as early as 7:00 am on Monday with 2,000 strong and enthusiastic soldiers from the Presidential Guard Unit seen at the airport holding cleaning tools such as pangas and slashers donated by Nile Petroleum Company and Makiir Gai, a business tycoon.

In a press statement, Makiir thanked the army and urged them to initiate more community development and awareness programmes.

Makiir Gai further pledged to support the army in developmental projects.

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