President Kiir’s decision on Coronavirus is important

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

The information issued in the media houses that President Kiir banned any kind of gathering in the country as protection to Coronavirus should be taken serious by the people of South Sudan. We have government officials who came from countries affected by Coronavirus. Additionally, there were some countries neighboring South Sudan that confirmed cases of Coronavirus.

Through trade and mobility in those countries it is easy to get the virus.  

If we pray with our whole hearts, fast and ask God to protect us from Coronavirus, He would do it, because He is a merciful God. He knows our conditions in the country. Many people died during civil conflict and war between Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and Sudan government during those periods in various places, we don’t want more deaths to occur again through diseases.

What the Ministry of Health was doing to prevent Ebola virus last year, the same measures should be applied to prevent Coronavirus, in the hospitals and at the Airport. Based on daily reports from around the world, thousands of people have died and several others affected in different countries.

  It is one of the greatest killer diseases in the world, people of South Sudan should take care against it.  Do not ignore the advice of the Ministry of Health in regards to this disease. For the rest of the months we have been hearing about countries that have been affected by Coronavirus but South Sudan remained free of the pandemic.

This disease came as a punishment to people in the world; it doesn’t know whether you are from rich or poor countries, black, brown, white or red colors. It has no color and tribes, it is for all. What is required from you is to listen to the directive of the concerned authorities. If you start feeling the symptoms, go to the hospital to get treatment or preventions. Above all we need to pray to God, to ask forgiveness from Him, otherwise is not easy to predict future of this country, with our cultures where we need to touch each other or greet everybody through handshake.

May God bless us all.                        

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