President Kiir should eradicate revenge killing

Western Lakes state security situation is going from bad to worse, nothing have changed completely since the reappointment of Matur Chut Dhuol, the governor of former Lakes state to replace Makoi Bol Kodi. Almost everybody was not happy with his appointment but few people were having hoping that his administration would be better than the previous.

The current administration has become worse; guns are roaring in every corner of the town day and night, communal roads ambushes have increased. Civilian’s properties are being looted. The state citizens have been displaced from their villages because of continuous cycles of revenge killings.

The villages of Ror-nhom and Cuei-adukan are completely destroyed, looted and others burnt to ashes by soldiers sent by the governor under the command of Makur Mayom Dhuol. Thanks UNIMISS for your great job and mission. UNIMISS has witnessed the atrocities that resulted in the detention of two national staff of the mission, namely Mawut Gabriel and Mangar Chol.

The two were detained for reporting atrocities committed by the armed youth and soldiers. This is serious violation of UNMISS mandate. The mission in resolution 2252(2015) is mandated to protect civilians under threat of physical violence and other forms of violence against civilians including foreign nationals through deployment of their forces for public safety. UNIMISS is also mandated to monitor, investigate, verify publicly and protect the civil population.

The Governor should not detain UNMISS national staff. If the report was not true, he would have refuted it through the media instead of taking law into hands. The rule of law is not being observed in Western Lakes state.  The head of state should take this serious and know that your people in Rumbek are really suffering.

There is no single armed opposition fighting against the state government. The issue is that, there is no respect for justice and the rule of law that is why communal fighting and revenge killing continue.

The insecurity has been caused by cattle rustling and cases related to traditional marriages. These kinds of issues can be controlled by proper use of the Rule of Law in the state. As I speak now, there are so many innocent people who have been killed in Rumbek and the culprits are not brought to book.

Some people have been killed in their houses in cold blood at night and others in road ambushes and this is where revenge killing becomes a routine in Western Lakes, particularly in Rumbek. Unfortunately the suffering of the people of Rumbek will not end if the injustice and lack of good governance in the state is not brought to an end to avoid further revenge killing.

People only enjoyed peace for three months when Tilar Ring was taken to Rumbek as care taker governor. Mr. Ring really showed qualities of a good leader and since that time, there has never been any other leader in Lakes state who had struggled to minimize insecurity.

Dear President Salva Kiir; the citizens of Rumbek participated fully in the Presidential elections and voted for you. As a citizen of Rumbek, I am appealing to you to remove the current governor of Western Lakes state and appoint someone who had never been a governor because he has failed to control the routine revenge killings in the state.

There are many sons and daughters of Western Lakes state who can stabilize the situation. Rumbek is at the center of South Sudan, bordering many states in the country yet it has only a road that connects Juba to Greater Bahr el Ghazal and continued to Sudan. There is an argent need to stabilize the security situation in Rumbek and the rest of the states as the whole country is longing for peace through the national dialogue.

By Domkooc Ismail Gor

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