A foot for thought

President Kiir invitation to Machar is a positive step

By Anna Nimiriano

The invitation of President Salva Kiir Mayardit to Dr. Riek Machar to come to Juba for the implementation of peace agreement and formation of unity government is a positive move. It is clear in Revitalized peace agreement document that all signatories for the agreement are to come to Juba for the implementation. There is no excuse for delaying the process this time. Last month Machar confirmed his coming to Juba in May which the people of South Sudan are waiting for.  However, after coming from Vatican, Machar requested for six months extension of the programme; the reason given was that the security arrangement is not yet completed and others.

On the other hand, government rejected the request and said security arrangement is okay. This is a serious case which needs to be handled with responsible people mediating peace implementation. Inter- governmental Authority for Development (IGAD}, RJMEC and other institutions for peace process are to find out what is going on with reasons that what was happening was contrary and cannot help the country. We need peace implementation to be done on the scheduled period. We cannot continue singing songs of peace from one year to another. Time has come for everything to be put right in front of God.

Any leader who is for the people of this country cannot give any condition that could delay the transitional period.  Pushing the date a head is causing the delay and changing the scheduled time in the document. If there is any amendment, it should be done together as a group. Any challenge is to be dialogued or given a solution for the reason that the document was not signed by one person. Each mediator is to play a role as stated in the document. People of South Sudan have suffered enough, they need stability. Refugees in the neighboring countries, some of them are preparing to come back home for settlement, let us not discourage them. Let our leaders not jokes with peace after coming from the Vatican. When Pope Francis kissed their feet, it marked different situation of peace environment. It was not like the previous years where peace dialogue had been pushed anyhow. Seriousness is to be shown by the leaders.

Without doing it, we cannot move this country a head, the chance is in our hands. Above all let us cooperate and dialogue, it is not one person’s responsibility, but all of us should joint hands.  If you are a leader of people, listen to your people, otherwise….. We need peace; there are no more rooms for delay.  Our leaders cannot do things of their own. “They are for us and we are for them. Without citizens there are no leaders, without leaders there are no citizens.” All of us are responsible for what is going on, and would be accountable for anything going wrong. Let us be careful because this peace came from God, it has made history in the world whether it was good or bad. Let us move together, nobody is to be left behind.

May God bless us all.


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