President Kiir consultation meeting to finalize outstanding issues

Anna Nimiriano

Yesterday President Salva Kiir met governors, civil society organizations and others to consult them on the issues of the states and boundaries in the country. The meeting came as a result of a way forward to the government to decide on the outstanding issues that preventing formation of transitional government of National Unity.

I hope the discussions were fruitful they came out with positive resolutions which are going to help the implementation of Transitional Government of National Unity which the two parties and others are preparing for it. As days are approaching no time to be wasted for decisions that cannot help the country to move ahead.

Everything is to be done in form of plan of action; a lot of times were wasted for nothing. I know the pressure is become too much in both sides that they have to agreed, that are why President Kiir called for consultation meeting, to get the views of others.  By doing it, it would be able for him to present the views of those people in the coming discussions which are going to take place in Addis Ababa expected towards the end of this week.

If there is no change made in the number of the states, like reducing them to some figures, it would not make different in the current number of the states plus Abeyi. It would look like nothing was done in the meeting conducted yesterday. Consultation was supposed to be done with some changes. By asking people to raise their hands and they agreed  unanimously for 32 states plus Abyei,  meant that nobody want to loss position where he or she is holding. That was the disadvantages of not consulting people right from the beginning of creating the states.  However, reducing number of the states means to fire some governors from the states which they don’t want to happen.

There is no point of saying they will not get jobs if they were fired, the peace we are trying to maintain, is to allow investors to come in the country with different kind of jobs to the nationals.  People of South Sudan want peace as the first priority in the country. Other interests follow after.

 All the delay happening for peace implementation is not for their interest, I am sure if they were involved right from the beginning of creating the states, what had happened could not reach to this situation where we are in.  When people of South Sudan decided to become an independence country, they know how they could handle themselves in any situation may arise. One of them is the current situation of peace implementation.

Everybody is to struggle for this peace as the way we struggled for referendum which result to independence.

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