PRESIDENT-General elections in 2023

By Yiep Joseph

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has revealed that the country is set to conduct general elections in 2023 after the current Interim period.

Addressing members of Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM) during the celebration held in Freedom hall over the weekend, President Salva Kiir Mayardit who is also the chairperson of the (SPLM-IG) revealed that general elections will commence in 2023.

In an event organized by the SPLM Youth League under the theme celebrating the past and present achievements while committing to the future, the president revealed that the most important part of the Revitalized Peace Agreement was the election to be held in 2023.

“The most important aspect of         Revitalized Peace Agreement is the free, fair and credible election to be held in 2023” Kiir said.

He urged members to embrace peace adding that after the interim period election was to follow.

“We need to embark on peace, when we are done with the Interim period in which we are in now we shall straight away go for the elections” he said.

“The election will be held soon in 2023. So now dear members if you want to do something go and engage with the youth and members of parliament so that you will know what to do during the election” he said.

President also mentioned that the upcoming election in 2023 will end all the political games and short cut by politicians.

“The idea of people who think of always making short cut in politic will not end until after election where the masses will vote the person they wantedor a person of their choice” He cautioned 

We need to embark on peace, when we are done with the interim period in which we are in now we shall straight go to for the election.

He urged all SPLM members to prepare themselves and continue to spread the party programs to the masses in the country.

“Believe me that from now or from today you prepare yourself to engage with the grassroots so that they know the programs of SPLM and what the party stand for. Engaging the grassroot entails a lot of listening to understand issues that matters to them” he said.

“It also entail complying this concern and bring them to the attention of the party leadership, when you engage the grassroot you will get recommendations that you will bring to the leadership that could be utilized to plan” he added.

He cautioned all members to embrace and encourage development in the country.

“My dear comrades determining our future start from now, in my recent address to the joint session of the reconstituted National legislature I clearly told our MPs that we can not defer development to some other time. Development cannot be put for tomorrow, we have to do it know and then we must start now” he urged

“And this is why we have started to build the road from Juba to Bor and starting from Juba going toward Bhar el Ghazal and from Bhar el ghazal you can branch from Rumbek to go to Unity state, you can go up to Gogrial and branch from there to parts of Unity state that cannot be reached by going to Rumbek and from Gogrial you can go to Aweil. This is development you can go all the way to Raja if we cannot do them, who can come and do these things for us” he added.

However, the chairperson of SPLM youth league Daniel Abocha Ali called on the party youth to embrace peace in the country.

He called on the SPLM youths to shun away from violence, tribalism and other practices that undermined the values as South Sudanese.

“I call upon all the youths to stop being used as the tool for destroying our country but rather mobilize their energies to brace develop and defend our sovereignty” Abocha said.

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