President El Bashir, IGAD plus nations are dishonest conflict peace makers

By Gabriel Matur Malek

The root causes to South Sudan’s conflict may possibly be either unknown to the IGAD plus nations peace makers or known to them, but do not want to act on them due to their own known reasons. These root causes are as follows: 1. The Pre-independence, and 2. Post- independence root causes.

1.The pre-independence root causes: The Pre-independence root causes are in the government of Sudan’s policy of Divide and Rule, in which they had wanted to create a war situation between the Dinka majority tribe against all South Sudan minority tribes put together, in order to keep them fighting each other, and to prevent a united South Sudan political and military action against the government of Khartoum. President El Bashir and his predecessors planted an intense hatred in the minds and hearts of all the minority tribes against the majority Dinka people. They invented t the Dinka people as the worst enemies of all South Sudan minority tribes, and the SPLM/A as a Dinka movement bent on liberating the South from North Sudan with the aim of dominating South Sudan minority tribes. Though these arguments are a concoction of invented lies, they are too strong for uneducated and simple minded members of the minority tribes to see through. Despite  the fact that the educated PhD holders of minority tribes members received funds and military hardware to fight the SPLM/A on the side of Khartoum government forces, its actually those minority tribes militia groups who were fighting the SPLM/A  that are now fighting the government of President Salva Kiir Mayardit. How could a man who is holding South Sudan territories of oil rich Panthou, Copper rich Hoffra El Nahas, oil rich Abyei and others by force could be an honest peace maker? These are, but some of the many Pre-independence root causes to South Sudan conflict.

  1. The post-independence root causes: The post-independence root causes to South Sudan conflict are in the SPLM/A poor performance government record for the period 2005 to 2018. Instead of establishing a government of the people, by the people and for the people, SPLM/A leadership unwittingly established a government of the SPLM/A, by the SPLM/A, and for the SPLM/A driven by the erroneous policy of the Dictatorship of the Liberation Party. The results were rampant corruption, large scale looting of public funds, collapsing economy and the creation of a senseless SPLM/A war of political positions which took South Sudan down the road of losing its hard won independence.
  2. These are the root causes to the conflict of South Sudan which the IGAD nations’ peace makers should have acted upon to bring a lasting sustainable peace to the people of South Sudan. But unfortunately the IGAD nations stuck to the futile policy of political power sharing which will continue to encourage and create more interest in the wars of political positions. Gen. Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon neither told no-one that he went to war to become First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, nor a Nuer President as prophesied by Prophet Ngundeng, and that, he will come to Juba with the intention of becoming a Nuer President through forceful means. Only numbskulls would believe that he is coming to Juba for peace.


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