A foot for thought

Presbyterian Church begins General Assembly

Presbyterian Church in Sudan and South Sudan began its general Assembly yesterday 23rd of this month to elect new body in the office. According to the information Juba Monitor got, the programme started on Monday and will end on Saturday with elections of new body in the office. It was not easy to organize such event with different communities under one church. Christians under this denomination expect the elections should be free and fair for the wellbeing of the Church. Otherwise any election has negative impact whether it is church or government elections.

Last year when Pope Francis of the Catholic Church nominated new Archbishop of the diocese, it caused a lot of problems among priests and bishops. Until the matter brought in the division among Christians in the Catholic Church. I hope Presbyterian Church should conduct their elections in peacefully manner, people who are attending the meeting would choose the right person in the right place.  The issue of tribes should be taken care of. It doesn’t matter the leader should come from small or big tribes.

The most important is to elect capable person who could lead Christians in the church. Who is not corrupt in church properties. I hope people would not do propaganda to lobby for the positions. Let elections of the church has different with the once of the government, for the reason that there were not campaigning or rally done in public places. If the elections are done in good faith, God will bless the church and it would grow. Any institution succeed with good leadership, if  a leader could not mange people in the way Jesus Christ wants, that Church would have problems with Christians, which needs to be avoided in these elections. Women position in the church should be considered, they are peace markers. They play big role in organizing peace prayers among others in various churches, especially during the time of conflict in the country.

I wish all the best for you with successful elections result.

May God bless us all.

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