Prepare young ones for the future

By Akol Arop Akol

The best part of life is that we hope for tomorrow when life is not going smooth. The future belongs to young children who always work hard and maintain faith that everything is going to improve. They are encouraged such that they don’t become hopeless in life. Who can do this? It is the parents and other adults who are near to these growing kids.

They need to be supported in different ways. First they need moral support where the father and the mother give advice and life lessons that would make them shape the manners of the child to become someone better.

We can also prepare children by teaching them hard work where they can take the same footsteps that will lead to success. Every child deserves formal and informal education. They have to be taught at home and as well as at school. They should not forget the culture and at the same time should not take the taboos to hurt other people.

Education is the only instrument that can shape people to become positive minded in the community. South Sudan as a country will have a united generation when the young ones are allowed to interact among them and treated equally without discrimination.

Children are sensitive creatures; they can adopt things and forward them. When they see or hear something new, they will carry it on not knowing whether harmful or not to others. Thus, if an adult talks silly near children, there is likely a possibility of adaption. They will behave according to how their parents behave either bad or good.

This is why we must make sure our young ones are brought up in a peaceful and cooperative environment. As elders tomorrow we might no longer be there but the children will inherit what we do. Everything we do will affect them positively or negatively.

It is common that some adults don’t hide secretes from their children. They would only discuss big things near them. Things to do with gossiping and hatred are ever useless to a child because he or she is not in that level. The child may hear everything and leaks out the information or will live on that concept.

You as an elder should not insult others in the presence of kids because as you defame them, children will not respect them. If you single out a group of people and criticize, your child will listen and exercise.

Our young generation needs education, both at home and school. The level of illiteracy had made it hard for people to understand each other. Even language alone is a problem. When one only knows his own language and tries to speak it, others will feel suspicious.

We need to let our young people behave accordingly in the public. Adults must tell the right thing that their children should do in order not to harm the public. Things like vulgar language and physical abuse can hurt others.

Tell your children to dress well, walk well, talk well and behave well in the public. If they behave badly, the same will be upon the adults who are near but failed to educate them. By correcting their mistakes, you are preparing them for a bright future.

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