supernatural powers. Even in their villages, they were worshiping their own gods, almost all clans have invisible beings they obey by offering sacrifices in order to make them happy to take away their pain or bring success. Animals or crops are placed near a wall of their houses or taken to forests to please and appease their gods.

Physically and spiritually, people are trying to change but the hard life in the city they face makes me either be a good believer or a betrayer of God. Many have set up churches where they pray to ask God to help them out of dire situations but others have branched to godly powers as masters to provide solutions for their problems.

During the campaign of the city Council to restructure the city’s roads by removing shops and houses near the roads, some secret places where crimes such as drugs, witch-crafts, and sexual activities were being practiced and were cracked down.

People have to leave evil and come back to God, this can happen if His messengers preach messages of peace, repentance, and forgiveness.

Recently, the Vatican embassy announced to the public that the Pope is planning to visit a few African countries including South Sudan.  This is good news as a religious country to receive the Father of Christian nations. Despite the longest conflict that caused insecurities which led to the cancellation of his visit, He finally decided to come and witness the suffering of South Sudanese in their country and to help encourage the leaders to implement the peace agreement. 

Pope Francis has been tireless in pushing for peace in the world’s newest country that is experiencing conflicts and economic hardships. In April 2019, He invited South Sudan’s leaders to the Vatican for an Easter summit where He knelt down and kissed their feet in a humble plea for peace which caught the attention of the World as he honored and pleaded with South Sudanese leaders to accept peace to end the suffering, they also need to honor him when coming to South Sudan by making sure they stop fighting and continue peace implementation.

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