Prepare the candidates for excellence

By Akol Arop Akol

The celebration of the Christmas (2020) and the New Year have come to pass. It has been a tough year in the history of the world when millions of lives were lost due to the Corona Virus. Since God knows everything that happens in this Universe, we just need to open our hands to pray such that He can control the wicks not to occur and always send good things to mankind. As we are living up to His sake and glory, we must fear him and life must be enjoyed during the short time we have in this world.

Because we need to live, that is why we wake up to run for work or school. At the end, all we need is survival as it is written ‘a man must toil and sweat to live.’ Woman suffers with child-bearing and man works hard to provide basic needs for the family and the children go to school as it is a belief in this modern world that education is the key to success. This success means excelling to be the greatest Artist or Scientist. Without education, there are only limited ways of earning a living. These include brick-making, local farming, rearing cattle or washing dishes in restaurants because they need no much educational skills or experiences. But as the world keeps moving forward, in every institution or work, educational skills will be required.

Imagine, a world or our own country where drivers, watchmen, cleaners or cooks will be employed according to their qualifications; for example, they must have High School Certificates, they will miss opportunities and that is the consequence of ignoring education by one’s choice or lacking access to learn.

There are children who have desire to learn knowing that school is the best home to prepare them for the future but they might have no chance. Those are children who parents perished during the longest-conflicts of the country.

Let us put our hopes that the children that we sent to school are solution-makers for our country, who will liberate us from poverty and kinfolk-division. Of course, having an educated generation is the only way for salvation. Among them will be great scientists, business people and leaders who will resurrect the economy of our country. Now that that they are in school, they need backup; that could be pocket-money, fees, books and clothing. It is the role of the parents to make sure their needs are provided.

The S4 students of this 2020-2021 are the unluckiest candidates because the pandemic interrupted their studies and the academic calendar. Although some private schools started classes in February, they could not continue. They were forced to remain home for their safety. On the other side, the government schools which usually begin their registration late in March were interrupted. Corona Virus came in when they didn’t even start their classes. They just began their teachings when the lockdown was lifted.

It means the Senior Four candidates of 2020-2021 are not well-taught. The need to cover the syllabuses and prepare them for final examinations is the reason why the government decided to include Saturdays for learning and extended the examinations which normally take place in January to be done in March. The parents, teachers, education campaigners and the Ministry of Education need to work harder to equip the candidates by teaching, advising, counseling and proving them with basic needs to prepare them for excellent performances.

The Writer is a patriot, advocating for peace, human rights and youth empowerment. He can be reached via Email: akolarop211@gmail.com or on phone +21191731808 Also check Facebook pages: “Akol Arop Jr. or Hunting for Change. Thanks for reading.

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