Weathermen have predicted the coming of heavy rains soon. It is not the first time that such advanced warning has been sounded but with little precaution from the general public, particularly, flood prone areas. This is an indication that there are people who are likely to be displaced by flood when it rains. It is the right time to take measures to save them from this instead of waiting until disaster occurs. Those who can be moved to higher ground areas take the warning and start moving voluntarily. As the warning is being sounded, there are areas which are still suffering and recovering from the effects of flood. States with known histories of flooding should liaise with the national government to ensure that control measures are put in place to avoid last minute rush and panic. It is important to sometimes apply the law where people are resisting a move or directive meant to save them from disaster only. They would want to wait and start shouting on top of their voices for humanitarian assistance. It is agreeable that the government is bound duty to take care of the citizens, but the latter should equally help by cooperating for their own good. Farmers should also use the rainy season to cultivate so that there is enough to sustain the country. Those idling in the towns and city should make it a point to start tilling the land for food produce. It cannot be imagined that with a fertile land all around there is little time for some to turn it into profit by farming and planting what could be for both domestic and international market.Rain water should be harnessed for farming purposes but above all, people and property should be saved while there is still time to avoid last minute rush against the predicted rain and possible flood.

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