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Pregnant women urged to seek professional midwives


Director General at the Reproductive Health at the Ministry of Health Dr. Alex Dimitri (R), Dr. Wilfred Ochan (M), UNFPA deputy Country Representative and Mr. Isaac Abishai (L)  chairperson of South Sudan Media Network for Population and Development during the Media Forum on International Midwifery day Yesterday (Photo By Mandela Nelson Denis):

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Pregnant women across the country have been asked to seek medical treatment from midwives and maternal health services during pregnancy to reduce the high rate of maternal mortality.

Speaking yesterday during opening session of the Media Forum ahead of International Midwives Day to be celebrated today, Director General for Reproductive Health at the National Ministry of Health Dr. Alex Dimiti said that midwives were crucial to reducing maternal and neonatal mortality around the world.

The event was organized under the theme “Midwives Leading The Way With Quality Care’’ by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in collaboration with South Sudan Media Network for Population and Development (SsMNPD).

“Well educated, regulated and supported midwives are positioned to provide the compassionate, respectful and culturally sensitive care a woman needs during pregnancy and child birth,” Dr. Dimiti said. “Midwifery is equally important for newborns during the critical first month of life, and it is a significant contribution to sexual and reproductive health in general.”

He said that midwives were essential for improvement in maternal health services for any countries and there was need for them to deliver correct services.

“South Sudan needs everyone to be on board with the provision of quality care. We need our midwives to deliver cost effective and quality care across the life cycle. Midwives must play a key role to ensure that every woman in South Sudan has the right to high quality, respectful care before, during and after pregnancy,” he stressed.

UNFPA Deputy Country Representative Dr. Wilfred Ochan said that the theme of the meeting appealed to all the stakeholders to empower them in order to provide quality care to the people.

“We have an enormous task not only to produce enough midwives but also to empower them. When we talk of care, we mean that the country is able to provide a midwife at every birth, there must adequate drugs, health facilities and be well equipped. They midwives must work in a secure environment and the country should put place a regulatory framework to mainstream their work,” Dr. Ochan said.

According to Ochan the communities must also regularly visit the facilities providing the services.


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