Pregnant woman hungs herself in Gok State

By Mabor Riak Magok

Police in Malou –Pech County of Gok State have confirmed that a pregnant woman identified by her name, Nyanjur Rup Charakek hung herself in Malou-Pech County.

The incident occurred on Sunday, west of Gok State capital, Cuei-bet.

A CID officer in Gok State, Matur Moses Machar said the circumstances and reasons that led the victim to hang herself to death are unknown but will soon be revealed after investigations are concluded.

Machar said the police are have begun questioning the family members over the incident.

He said he has not yet confirmed the age of the victim from the family members but all these issues will be considered during investigation since there are a number of cases related to forced marriage and early marriage incidences taking place in the community, which are conducted without the girl’s consent.

Speaking to the Juba Monitor, one of the family members said the husband of the victim has been away from his late wife for nearly a year in Juba.

“We are really shocked by the untimely death of our daughter Nyanjur Rup on Sunday. She did not inform us her problems so that we the family members could resolve them,” the relative said.

He further said that the late Nyanjur similarly attempted to hang herself last year but was rescued by the family members in Malou-pech.

The relative said the late victim’s husband has been in Juba for almost a year and they don’t know when he will return to attend the burial of his wife.

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