Pregnant woman commits suicide by hanging

By Mabor Riak Magok

A pregnant woman has committed suicide by hanging herself to death in Rumbek, Lakes State on Sunday, Police authorities confirmed.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Rumbek East County Brigadier General Makur Dak said investigation over the tragedy was ongoing.

“According to investigation, a close relative said that the woman had been complaining always in the morning that her late husband who was recently killed in a road ambush while rescuing raided cattle from neighboring Yirol West used to appear in a dream at night when she was sleeping on the bed, and that is the reason she might have hanged herself to death,” Brig. Gen. Dak explained.

Gen. Dak said the couple had now died leaving behind two children.

The Paramount Chief in Cueigakteng Payam Gor Makuac Kerthith said it was very unfortunate to lose two people in such an awful incident.

The Chief [Sultan]revealed that the deceased was a wife of late police officer who was killed last month in road ambush by criminals during a cattle raid in Yirol West county.

“Her husband was killed last month while rescuing raided cattle from neighboring Yirol West county and now she hanged herself to death. This is a very bad situation,” Chief Makuac lamented.

He said the victim didn’t leave any message behind explaining the reason why she hanged herself to death.

The Women Aid Vision (WAV) field Coordinator, Madam Mary Mathon said the cause of a woman hanging her to death might be related to some underlining conditions which need to be investigated.

Mary Mathon said most of the women who are so emotional end up hanging themselves when they have a problem which they cannot solve by themselves.

She said her organization (WAV) will be conducting sensitization and awareness campaign to helpwomen in Rumbek County understand the importance of life.

“We have now a project for a sensitization and awareness in the community. We are in the process of working to identify the center for our counsellors,and we hope our counsellors will be counselling women to cease thishorrific incident not to occur again,” said Ms. Mathon.

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